Scottish Veteran Harriers Newsletters: A Selection of Articles

The SVHC Newsletter was published (three times a year) between the early 1970s and 2020. Here is a selection of articles and reports, which should provide a flavour of the publication and insight into the expanding Veteran (or Masters) Movement, which has succeeded in encouraging so many men and women to exercise, participate and compete, long after they ceased to be youngsters. The Scottish Veteran Harriers Club enables men and women (if they become fit enough) to compete for Scotland in any of the Masters five-year age-groups from 35 to 80 plus. All runners simply enjoy training, taking part in club and other events and doing their best on the day.

Unfortunately, it has proved impossible to include most tables of results; or indeed every inside-magazine photo; since the original work was pdf, which does not allow copy and paste duplication. Back and front cover colour photos have been included, however.

There are many aspects of these Newsletters to interest and give enjoyment to fans of running and athletics: not only race reports but also memories, profiles, experiences, meditations and historical reviews. 

The individual magazines can be found via the links below.

                                             Spring 2012          Autumn 2012          Winter 2012

                                             Spring 2013          Autumn 2013          Winter 2013

                                             Spring 2014          Autumn 2014          Winter 2014

                                             Spring 2015          Autumn 2015           Winter 2015

                                            Spring 2016          Autumn 2016           Winter 2016

                                             Spring 2017         Autumn 2017            Winter 2017

                                             Spring 2018         Autumn 2018           Winter 2018

                                             Spring 2019         Autumn 2019            Winter 2019

                                            Spring 2020         + as a bonus issue from the past (1989)  this one

Colin has done a superb job of work in getting all this work done to get the magazines on line.   It has always been a good magazine with editors who did a power of work, but Colin should be congratulated on what has been achieved under his editorship – let’s all hope that another editor comes forward quickly.      However he’s not finished yet – have a look at these four – hi selection of covers , his selection of articles and Tom O’Reilly’s account of his Island Peaks endeavours!

  SVHC Cover selection 80’s and 90’s    SVHC Cover selection 2000’s    SVHC  Selection of Articles    SVHC: Island Peaks Race      The Scottish Veteran Harriers Club: the beginnings