A very happy, safe and successful 2022 to all our readers – all the help and suggestions have been useful and virtually all of it used.   Thanks.   We have had the annual look back at the popularity of the various items on the site, and some of them are as follows:

Most visited coaches sites were:  Brian Scobie  (A96 above) one place ahead of Iain Robertson.   Both were ahead of all other profiles on the site with all-time favourite John Anderson in third place.   \when we look at pages that covered other aspects of the sport down the ages we have Powderhall clear at number one with the Rangers Sports in second with the history of Auchmountain Harriers in third place.   As far as the books reprinted on the site are concerned, thw two which are mentioned on the official SAL website are clear at the top – 50 years of Athletics leading Emmet Farrell’s ‘The Universe is Mine.’


Pitreavie AAC endurance coach, the late  John Wands, is pictured above and is profiled at this link .   John coached athletes of all standards for several decades after a career as an athlete and served as Scottish Staff Coach for 5000m/10000m.   Just follow the link above.

We now have the third part of the George Noremac story on site – read about it    at this link

Neil Donachie of Edinburgh AC died on 2nd December.   A weel liked and respected official he had been in the sport for over 70 years since he began as an Under 17 runner in the 1950’s.   There was more to him than mots realised and we have an account of his time in the sport  at this link  .

The second third of Noremac’s career is now on site and covers his 51 miles a day for 100 consecutive days and runs through to a typical year of a ped of the period, taking 1889 as an example.   Find it   here   . 

We now have the first part of the profile of the great Scottish long distance runner George Noremac – in the course of a wonderful career he set a Scottish record for 6 day endurance tests and after he left for America covered 51 miles a day for 100 consecutive days!   Quite remarkable – this first part goes as far as the six day record.

The West of Scotland Harriers Handbook for 1914/15 is now on site: David Kerr passed it on and you can see the fascinating document  at this link .

Morris Carstairs came into a report on a page on last week and I had a query about him.   I referred the chap to the profile here.   Carstairs was a really first class athlete who came in the period just before the first World War and so missed out on what might have been even better years.   Having graduated from Edinburgh University he was working as a doctor after the war and so did not draw himself to anyone’s attention.   If you want to read about this remarkable man, go to   this link  .

Andrew Dick, above, was a member of Clydesdale Harriers and possibly the best secretary the club ever had – responsible for starting up the club sections in various parts of the country in the 1880’s and 90’s,  he left his job as an accountant to go to work for the East India Company in East Africa.   He met his end a few years later fighting the Masai at the Massacre at Kedong.   Raed about him by clicking on his name.

Just heard that Iain Robertson has died of cancer.   A wonderful coach who worked wo=ith Val Smith, Sandra Whittaker, Angela Bridgeman and Mel Neef among many others, he was easy to work with, quick to offer assistance and a superb talent.   You can re-read his profile  here.   In the pic above he’s the one with all the badges!

What’s an Irish provinces flag doing on a Scottish website?  It is to do with a short accountj of the international cross-country in the 1930′ specifically the Irish question when for four years there was no team representing the whole of Ireland – as had been the case before 1933.   An interesting account of the time.   It’s at   this  link .    

The picture above is part of an article by A Ross Scott about the origins of the Clydesdale Harriers and there is another superb photograph at the foot of the page taken before the 20th century began.   See ‘A Famous Athletic Club‘ .

Over the past few weeks we have been adding bits to some of the pages on the Celtic Sports.   The most recent is at this link for the period from 1918; but the first page is  here  .

The latest part of our look at the Ayrshire Harrier Clubs Association covers the period from 1956 to 1959 inclusive.   Have a look by just clicking on the link.

Willie Fulton on the left above was one of the Ayrshire notables who worked tirelessly for athletics in the county.   You can read about him and others – Jim Young, Harry Maxwell, Kenny Phillips and others at this link.   In the chronological account of the AHCA we have now published the period 1945 – 55 section.  


The Ayrshire Harrier Clubs Association was formed in 1924 and has been a force for good ever since.   Organising county championships and relays, district championships and relays and being involved in national championships and relays as well as numerous track and field events, open meetings and championships it has seen many outstanding athletes and officials.   The first part of the profile of the AHCA can be seen   at this link.   

The Rangers Jubilee Sports Meeting programme has been passed to us by John Mackay and can be seen by clicking on the link.   We also have the complete programme for the last ever Rangers Sports in 1962.


John Mackay has also sent us the programme for Celtic Sports in 1935 :  see it at this link


A Scottish club secretary who went to East Africa as an accountant and was killed by the Masai, but is said to have killed over 100 of them, at the end of the 19th century.   In two parts, the first dealing with his wonderful career in athletics in Scotland, the second dealing with the Kedong Massacre.   If you just want the massacre, go straight to the second part!   It’s   at this link.


Most endurance relays are four man races – McAndrew, Kingsway, County, District and National – with the now defunct Edinburgh to Glasgow being over eight stages.   There has been a six stage relay from 1979 but before that there had been a six stage road relay that had started in 1934 (E-G was from 1930) and lasted until the war started.   It was from Perth to Kirkcaldy and was supported by clubs from all over Scotland with Bellahouston Harriers winning it four times.   Read about it by clicking on the race name.


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