Marathon training, and some of the schedules used by top class American marathon runners, men and women, as prescribed by Jim McLatche in Texas in the 1980’s are now on site.   Very interesting they are too for anyone interested in the event or maybe especially those who were running marathon in the late 1980’s.   See it  here .

It wasn’t only football that encouraged athletics in the early days – the cricket clubs did so too.   Cricket was a major sport in the country in the 19th century and several cricket clubs had their own sports meetings.   We now have the first of a series of articles on the contribution made by the sport: the West of Scotland CC at Hamilton Crescent held their sports every April and we now have them for the period from 1870 – 1880 on site.   They went back before 1870 and for the period up to 1880 go here.  and for 1880 -89  go to this link.


The latest of Jim McLatchie’s running training articles is now on site and deals with how he trained the milers and steeplechasers when he was coaching in Texas.   If you have read the story of Jim as a coach, then you’ll have the names of his Olympic athletes.   Read this one here .

There is a new page on site now just dealing with the articles on Clydesdale Harriers which were starting to pile up.  It can be found at this link    with new (to this site) profiles of Dougie Gemmell (above) and Ian Donald, and will be added to as the days go on.


We now have the flyers/posters for some of the early Clydesdale Harriers meetings on site – they are   here

There are also several additions  to the meeting programmes on site:

  •  the 1905 sports at Celtic Park is now available for inspection  here
  • the 1906 sports at Celtic Park are  at this link.   
  • the programme for the June 1914 meeting in Clydebank is  here  .
  • the programme for thesports at Ibrox in 1909 is   here  
  • the entries for the club’s confined championships in 1914 are at  this link .   
  • the programme for the two day sports at Dunoon in 1905  is at this link .
  • for the programme for Dunoon, 1907,  go here
  • the programme for the sports at Clydeholm in 1927 is  here 

Robert McKinstray was probably Scotland’s first ever proper middle distance track runner.   With a wide range of distances he was probably really a miler: judge for yourself and read it here

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