We have separated the story of the pre-amateur era from the links to the early sports run by football clubs and others to make it easier to find what many of you are looking for.   If you want the links to the Rangers Sports, the Celtic Sports, Queen’s Park Sports, Glenpark Harriers, etc, the go to this link   The picture above is of a handicap mile at the Rangers Sports.

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There is a new page on site now just dealing with the articles on Clydesdale Harriers which were starting to pile up.  It can be found at this link    with new (to this site) profiles of Dougie Gemmell (above) and Ian Donald, and will be added to as the days go on.


We now have the flyers/posters for some of the early Clydesdale Harriers meetings on site – they are   here

There are also several additions  to the meeting programmes on site:

  •  the 1905 sports at Celtic Park is now available for inspection  here
  • the 1906 sports at Celtic Park are  at this link.   
  • the programme for the June 1914 meeting in Clydebank is  here  .
  • the programme for thesports at Ibrox in 1909 is   here  
  • the entries for the club’s confined championships in 1914 are at  this link .   
  • the programme for the two day sports at Dunoon in 1905  is at this link .
  • for the programme for Dunoon, 1907,  go here
  • the programme for the sports at Clydeholm in 1927 is  here

The picture above is Fiona Max of the Summit HS team, cached by Jim McLatchie and his wife Carol, on her way to the first of her 3000m,/1500m double in the Oregon State Championships.   Read about their season so far  at this link.

Robert McKinstray was probably Scotland’s first ever proper middle distance track runner.   With a wide range of distances he was probably really a miler: judge for yourself and read it here

Stuart Hogg was a very good sprinter on the professional circuit who won the British Pro Sprint Championship before becoming a superb coach in the amateur ranks.   Pictured above with his first big winner – Neil Turnbull in the New Year Sprint in 1983 – he worked with dozens of international sprinters.  Read about him  at  this  link.   There are links to other ages about his coaching career at the foot of that page.   

Two new profiles this week!   One of David Lothian of Falkirk Victoria Harriers – a very good runner, a top class administrator and coach to several international athletes.   And then there is one of Joe Walker who was a member of St Modan’s AAC.   David’s is  here   and Joe’s is below   


We now have Jim McLatchie’s account of the stroke that put him out of action for a bit: it’s quite a story – read it    here

Carol and Jim had a wonderful winter 2018/19 with their girls team which won the US colleges championship being rather special.   Following many requests from other coaches, Carol has laid out just what the girls did – and in great detail too including track reps, hill runs, gym work, etc.   We have managed to get a copy and it is    here    for your reference

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