The above is the headline that went with every article on athletics written by Ggroe for the Daily Record in the 1920’s and 1930’s.   One of the best and most consistent reporters the sport has had in Scotland, he went on writing through the 1940’s and 50’s under his own name of George Dallas.   Read about Ggroe   here

The cover  picture above is one of the Athletics in Scotland collection at  this  link.  Some good pictures from the 70’s.. ..    

We have some some information about the Athletics in Scotland magazine that ran in the mid  70’s.   Produced by George Sutherland in Edinburgh it provided results, articles on training and athletics generally.   A good magazine, appreciated by the target audience, but like all dedicated athletics productions it did not do well on the money making front.   Read about it   here.   There are links to several issues of the magazine at the foot of that page with several more to be added.If you have any cover pictures for the missing editions, especially for the last issue with all the wee photographs on it, a copy would be appreciated.

We don’t usually have sprinters on the site but Bobby Quinn of Victoria Park, seen winning the SAAA 440 yards in 1954, was a top class official and a great club man for Victoria Park.   His profile can be seen on the officials page but you can see it for now at  this link .   

Westmarch, Paisley, St Mirren’s second ground is shown in the photograph above.   There is some coverage of their sports between 1881 and 1887 now on site, ie up to the sprints duel between a Queen’s Parker and a Clydesdale Harrier, the first challenge match in Scotland according to the pre-race publicity.   See it here 

The first world war profiles are via the WW1 link on the nav bar at the foot of the page with temporary link by clicking on  WW1

A happy man!    Bill Melville was one of our best freelance sports journalists and reporters who had a long career.   Starting as a runner he ran track, cross-country and roads including the 16+ miles of the Clydebank to Helensburgh.    He then became an orienteer who wrote a very good book about a year spent in the event.   All the while he was writing very good columns and for 40 years he worked as announcer or press representative at the Scottish Cross-Country Championships.    Read about him  here   There are two pages – one on Bill as a competitor and one as a journalist.



Walter Ross is remembered for the wonderful ‘Scots Athlete’ magazine.   He followed it up with the short lived ‘The International Athlete’ magazine and, having borrowed the bound volume of the first 12 issues from Danny and Molly Wilmoth, the covers are reproduced here.   Full magazines might well be added as the days go by.   He was some man, Walter!

There is a new page on site now just dealing with the articles on Clydesdale Harriers which were starting to pile up.  It can be found at this link    with new (to this site) profiles of Dougie Gemmell  and Ian Donald, and will be added to as the days go on. 

There are also several additions  to the meeting programmes on site:

  •  the 1905 sports at Celtic Park is now available for inspection  here
  • the 1906 sports at Celtic Park are  at this link.   
  • the programme for the June 1914 meeting in Clydebank is  here  .
  • the programme for thesports at Ibrox in 1909 is   here  
  • the entries for the club’s confined championships in 1914 are at  this link .   
  • the programme for the two day sports at Dunoon in 1905  is at this link .
  • for the programme for Dunoon, 1907,  go here
  • the programme for the sports at Clydeholm in 1927 is  here 

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