The noting of meetings before the first amateur clubs appeared continues with the few meetings in September 1883 noted here – interesting events too – lawn tennis and penny pitching.

WHB and CO

Hugh Barrow and Campbell Ogilvie at the Glasgow Academy 150th annual sports where Hugh presented the trophy for the Mile.

Campbell is a past president of the SFA and and presented the trophy for the half-mile.   The sports as readers of these pages will know are the third or fourth oldestamateur  sports meetings in the country and continue to thrive.   The sense of tradition is fast disappearing from athletics (stop any athlete at a major championships and ask them about Scottish athletics people from even twenty years ago) and it is heart warming to see the older meetings continuing.   The traditional distances of quarter-, half- and Mile are run more in the United States and the antipodes than they are here so I take encouragement from the fact that they are still in evidence at sports such as these.

Olivia Brooks CC

McLatchie’s girls are in the news on the American college circuit again.   And it is Olivia Brooks who stars this time – named in three categories in Oregon, she won the sports prep athlete of the year.   The results achieved by all of Coach McLatchie’s teams down the years are consistently good – it’s always possible to generate good results for a single year, or maybe even two, but to do so year in, year out takes talent and application.   It is also a good sign when a coach who has worked with Olympic and World Championship athletes is prepared to give that experience and knowledge to yung athletes.   Too many coaches, good people all of them, feel that after their first two or three senior international athletes, then they should specialise only with the upper echelons.   Neither Jim nor his wife Carol think that and the results of the Summit runners, boys and girls, men and women, show the value of that approach.

What was the Scottish athletics scene like before amateur clubs appeared?   A start has been made on a week by week report of athletics in 1883 which included pedestrian meetings, crowd break ins, etc as well as amateur meetings largely involving University and Old Boys clubs.   See April meetings  here   ,  May’s meetings  here , and June’s (when the first SAAA Championships were held)  here .   High summer and the July and August meetings are  here and here

111 whw 2We now have the profile of Hunter Watson up on site.   The link is  here and it is a very interesting one: an excellent runner at University and after in Edinburgh, then a career in athletics that covered many aspects of the sport including some useful running as a vet.

16 07 July Aberdeen 10

Respected official Graham Sword (above) is the latest profile on site.   Timekeeper and administrator, he is recognised by everybody who has competed at almost all championships as well as  at road and cross-country events for years now.   Click on the link.

Charlie Robertson,was one of the best Scottish marathon runners in action after the war.   He ran for Dundee Thistle Harriers, an excellent club, founded in the same year as Dundee Hawkhill Harriers and the more successful of the two clubs up to the second war.  Unfortunately the went defunct in about 1960 leaving Hawkhill to carry the city’s banner into the twenty first century.   We would like more information about this club to add to the profile: if anyone knows anything, or can point to a source of info, please let us know.

PJ McCafferty, was one of the first Irish runners to make his mark in Scotland but, infuriatingly, there is not a great deal of informatrion about him available.   Possibly that is because he lived part of the time in Ireland, part of the time in Scotland.   Itr may be because his name was often spelled McCaffrey and at other times McCafferty.   Maybe because he had a brother whose initials were JJ.   Whatever the reason, there are gaps in his story but what there is is interesting enough.   Access it  by clicking on his name at the top.

Sandy at the Kremlin

More pictures added to the profile of Sandy Sutherland.   Sandy and Doug Gillon are the only two journalists to be covered on the site but what wonderful careers they have had.   Sandy’s profile is now up on site – find it here  for now.   It will have its own niche on the site next week.

Doug Gillon has been a fixture at just about everything that matters in world athletics and at just about every Scottish meeting he could get to: he’s been seen at East Kilbride in December sliding on icy pavements, in muck and glaur at Clydebank and Beith, as well as at track events.   Now, supposedly, retired he is the latest profile on site.   Get it here.

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