We now have the second part of the Alexandra AC profile up on site.   It covers the club’s sports for the years 1875 – 1882 inclusive with some interesting information in it.  Just click on the link above.

The first part of our look into the story of the Alexandra Athletic Club is now up on site with the second and final part to come –  see it at this link .

Colin Youngson spotted the articles this week covering the Paisley Library find connected with the career of William Cummings of Paisley and has added it to the website.   You can read it at this link .

We now have the University Championships for 1938 added to the University Track and Field page and a fine year it was too with the domestic stars such as Lapraik, Carstairs and Wylde being complemented by athletes from abroad such as SEO Martin the jumps and hirdles and Schneidermann in all the throwing events.   See it  here .

Scottish Universities athletics for 1937 page is now up, that leaves only 1938 and 39 before the War which would take so many athletes.   Women’s athletics really took off in the 1930’s and there are several photographs of the women in action plus results.    Inter-Varsity Competition result is on the caption of the above picture.

We now have the Scotland  v  Ireland Internationals up to 1913 on site at this link.   Spoiler: Scotland won both.

The first ever Scottish track and field international was against Ireland in 1895.   Eleven events, match to be decided on number of events won by each side.   We now have all matches between 1895 and 1913, when they ceased because of the War and were replaced by the Triangular with England,  up at this link. . 


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