People run on the hills for many reasons but most of the profiles here will be of the fastest runners – if only because they are better known, their careers are better documented and we need to start somewhere.   We hope to do several things: unfortunately the hill running fraternity are slow in coming forward with the required information, but the intention is as follows.  Profiling some noted hill runners.  If you know of somebody we should do, regardless of their ability, let us know.   There will be no gender bias either – if the athlete is good enough and we have enough info, then that athlete will go in.   If you care to send in a complete profile, that would be very acceptable too.   I won’t however include here those runners who are mainly road or track or cross-country athletes who have a limited or brief involvement with the hills, good as they usually undoubtedly are.   Hill runners generally tend to be very good athletes on other surfaces, even if many of them don’t feel inclined to run on them.   The two English examples are Dave Cannon and Kenny Stuart although there are many more on both sides of the border.   Helen Diamantides was a hill runner who after many years ran cross-country and was picked for Scotland.

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