Inter Scholastics 1902

George Watson’s College: Watson’s won the Inter-Scholastic Championship in 1902

The sports continued to grow and the ‘Scottish Referee’ tells us that although one of the schools from 1901 dropped out, they were replaced by two and so the numbers competing continued to grow.   The number of schools from the West of the country also continued to grow with Glasgow Academy, Allan Glen’s School, and Larchfield were all involved   The report from the Referee of 19th May is below.

The results above are not only comprehensive, they are also easily legible which is not always the case.   The top three schools (Watson’s College, Dollar Institution and Glasgow Academy) are the same as in past years but the order changes.   This time round, winners from 1901, Glasgow Academy were third giving them a 2nd, 1st and 3rd in three years.   Where would they finish in 1903 and would any other school break into the upper echelons?