Only Clydesdale Harriers

Clydesdale Harriers has a significant place in the history of Scottish athletics – it was the first ever open club, it was the first club to hold a two day meeting, it was the first club to have a two day meeting at Dunoon at the Glasgow Fair, it was one of the first clubs with a ladies section or a men’s junior section, it held the first annual race for Youths (Under 17) and it was the club which successfully proposed a Scottish cross-country championship for Boys (Under 15).   Some of the significant events staged by the club are below – just click on the link to be taken to the page – but first there is an article by A Ross Scott –  A Famous Club.

 Clydesdale Harriers 1890 – 1900   Clydesdale Harriers 1901 – 1910    Clydesdale Harriers 1911-1922

 Clydesdale Harriers Open Sports: 

Clydesdale Harriers Sports: 1887-1895   Clydesdale Harriers Sports 1896-1900   Clydesdale Harriers Sports 1901-1905   Clydesdale Harriers Sports 1906-1910      Clydesdale Harriers Sports 1911 – 1915

Complete Programmes: 

Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Celtic Park  1905     Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Celtic Park  1906 

 Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Ibrox Park, 1909    Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Kilbowie Park, 1914   . 

 Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Dunoon 1905           Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Dunoon 1907     

   Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Ibrox Park, 1921    Clydesdale Harriers Sports at Clydeholm Park, 1927

Clydesdale Harriers Championships at Ibrox Park  1914:   May  and     August

Some Flyers for meetings


Georgine Ballantine David M Bowman  Bobby Boyd    James Campbell  Andrew Dick  Phil Dolan  Ian Donald J Erskine  R Erskine  TB Erskine   Allan Faulds  AP Findlay Douglas Gemmell Andrew Hannah  Sir A McA Kennedy  RS Langlands  Ian Leggett  Walter Malcolm  Robert Mitchell Brian McAusland    Hans Noble  Cyril O’Boyle  Charles Pennycook    A Ross Scott   Jock Semple   James P Shields  Sam Stevenson  Jean Tait   Sam S Watt    John Wright