Inter Scholastics, 1900

George Watson’s College Crest : Watson’s Won the first Inter-Scholastic Championship

The first Scottish Inter Scholastics Sports, known now as the Scottish Schools Championships, under SAAA auspices were held on 19th April, 1900 in Edinburgh.   Advertised in the Scotsman at the start of the month the notice below tells us date, time, venue and prices for spectators.

In the passing it is interesting to note that Lumley’s were selling admission tickets – up until at least the 1970’s Lumley’s were selling tickets and suppliers of individual entry forms for athletics meetings across Scotland.   The Scotsman report on the meeting on 1st of the month read as follows.

The actual results, and selection of events come to that, of the first SAAA supported Inter-Scholastic Sports are well worth looking at.   There were three age groups – Open Events were for the pupils of 16 years and above, and there were fewer events for Under 16 and Under 13.   The first table is for the Open Events.

Event Winner School Time Comment
100 yards CD McIver Watson’s College 11.75 seconds  
440 yards CD McIver Watson’s College 56 seconds  
One Mile J McCallum Watson’s College 5:03.4  
120 yards hurdles W Milne Glasgow Academy 17.8 seconds  
High Jump R Briggs Dollar Inst. 5′ 01 3/4″  
Broad Jump C McIver Watson’s College 18′ 9 1/2 “  
Cricket Ball Throw C McIver Watson’s College 91 yards 02 inches Four Events Won
Putting the Weight A Young Watson’s College 29′ 6″  

The winner of both jumps is recorded as C McIver as opposed to the winner of both sprints being CD McIver.   It is possible that they were two separate individuals (twins?) but more likely that they are one and the same.   If that is the case, he was a very good all-round athlete altogether.   

Under 16

Event Winner School Time  Comment
100 yards A Barr Edinburgh Inst. 11.8 seconds  
880 yards WB Montgomerie Glasgow Academy 2:22.8  
120 yards hurdles A Barr Edinburgh Inst. 19.4 seconds  
High Jump JA Stewart Larchfield Academy 4′ 9 1/2″  
Broad Jump A Barr Edinburgh Inst. 19′ 0 1/2″ Three Events Won

Under 13

Event Winner School Time  
100 yards H Martin Watson’s College 13.4 seconds  
300 yards G McLaren Royal High School 45 seconds  
High Jump W Whitson Glasgow Academy 3′ 11 1/2″  
Broad Jump AA Morison Watson’s College 13′ 4 1/2″  

The Glasgow Herald in its ‘Notes and Comments’ column had a more detailed comment on the conduct of the meeting  and were optimistic for its future:

The most complete report on the event however can be found in the ‘Scottish Referee’ of the 21st which can be read by clicking on the link.