Inter Scholastics 1901

Glasgow Academy Crest: the Academy won the second Inter-Scholastic Championship

The Academy is the oldest continuous private school in Glasgow, having been founded in 1845.  The motto means ‘Keep Faith”.

The schools championships took place on Saturday 18th May in 1901 but despite their praise of the inaugural meeting the Glasgow Herald did not cover the event.   This is despite the fact that Glasgow Academy (badge above)  won the sports from the eight other schools taking part.  The report below is from the Scotsman of Monday 20th May, 1901.

Concise results:         

Nine Schools took part – Clifton Bank, Dollar Institution, Edinburgh Institution, George Heriot’s School, Glasgow Academy, Larchfield Academy, Royal High School, Stewart’s College and George Watson’s College.   

The result of the inter-school competition was first, Glasgow Academy   30 marks,  second Dollar Institution  29 marks,  and third George Watson’s College with 24 marks.    Larchfield had 11, Clifton 6, Edinburgh Institution 6, Edinburgh Royal High School 4 while neither Stewart’s College nor George Heriots scored a point.    

Individual winners:

    Open Events

Event Winner School Performance
100 Yards W Milne Glasgow Academy 11.0 seconds
440 Yards J Neilson Dollar Institution 57.4 seconds
One Mile H Bowie Watson’s College 5 min 13 sec
120 Yards Hurdles W Milne Glasgow Academy 16.0  seconds
High Jump R Briggs

M Cowan

Dollar Institution

Glasgow Academy

5′ 1″
Broad Jump W Milne Glasgow Academy 21′ 0 1/2″
Cricket Ball Throw V Johnstone Dollar Institution 101 yards 2 feet 0 inches
Putting the Weight W Milne Glasgow Academy 33′ 8″

Under 16

Event Winner School Performance
100 Yards R McLachlan Dollar Institution 11.6 seconds
880 Yards J Begbie Larchfield Academy 2 min 27.2 seconds
120 Yards Hurdles J Begbie Larchfield Academy 18.2 seconds
High Jump R McLachlan

JHH Pearson

Dollar Institution 4′ 10 1/2″
Broad Jump R Fairgrieve Royal High School 18′ 5″

Under 13

Event Winner School Performance
100 Yards A Wilkie Dollar Institution 13 seconds
300 Yards A Wilkie Dollar Institution 41.8 seconds
High Jump F Forbes Watson’s College 4′ 1″
Broad Jump FW Forbes Watson’s College 14′ 8″