Inter Scholastics 1905

Allan Glen’s High School was the winning school in 1905.

Founded in 1850 , it was a remarkable school with an emphasis on science and its management merged with that of Anderson’s College which eventually became the Royal College of Science and Technology and then Strathclyde University.   For many reasons, the school merged with the City Public School but had to close down as a school in 1989.    

The Inter-scholastics championships sixth meeting took place in Glasgow at the Scotstoun grounds but with fewer schools taking part.   Surprisingly, with the event being so close to their own premises, the Glasgow Academy did not take part although two other Glasgow schools – Allan Glen’s and the High School – filled the first and second places.   We start with the report from the ‘Glasgow Herald’.

Cartoon from the ‘Scottish Referee’ of 22nd May, 1905 beside the comments below

So far, so good.   The meeting was described and factual details outlined then there is a brief review of the actual sports.   However, the ‘Scottish Referee’ drew critical attention to one factor not yet mentioned.

The Referee had already listed some dignitaries present at the Scotstoun meeting in this comment.

Unfortunately, despite the fine comments, we could not find the results anywhere in that issue of the ‘Referee’.


The results above are from the ‘Daily Record’  The results, winners only, are in brief below..

Nine schools took part.  First five were Allan Glen’s HS with 50 1/2 pts, second Glasgow HS with 31, then came Irvine Royal Academy 13 1/2 pts, Greenock Academy 7 pts and Stewart’s College with 5 points.   Neither Glasgow Academy nor Dollar Institution were present at this running of the championships.


100 Yards CH Stewart Allan Glen’s High School 11.0 seconds
440 Yards CH Stewart Allan Glen’s High School 57.2 seconds
One Mile W Turner Glasgow High School 5 min 28.4 seconds
120 Yards Hurdles D Gray Allan Glen’s High School 19.4 seconds
High Jump D Gray

W Harley

Allan Glen’s High School

Allan Glen’s Hugh School

4′ 11″
Broad Jump J Findlay Glasgow High School 18′ 4 1/2″
Cricket Ball Throw F MacKinnon Greenock Academy 92 yards 1 foot 2 inches
Putting the Weight W McInnes Glasgow High School 34′ 8″


100 Yards D Kater Irvine Royal Academy 12 seconds
880 Yards E Taylor Glasgow High School 2 min 28 sec
120 Yards Hurdles A Smith Glasgow High School 21 seconds
High Jump A Paton Irvine Royal Academy 4′ 10″
Broad Jump A Weir Allan Glen’s High School 17′ 1 1/2″


100 Yards RH Lang Allan Glen’s High School 12.8 seconds
300 Yards RH Lang Allan Glen’s High School 44 seconds
High Jump A Dick Allan Glen’s High School 4′ 2 1/2″
Broad Jump G Ramsay

E Shearer

Allan Glen’s High School

Glasgow High School

13′ 5 1/2″