Inter Scholastics 1908

1908 was the most dramatic in the nine years that the championships had been running.   Comment has been made of the absence of Glasgow Academy and other schools in recent years but the comment below from the Scottish Referee of Friday 15th May, 1908, on the meetimg to be held the following afternoon.

It says that efforts to bring Watson’s and others such as Dollar back into the event had failed but stops short of saying why this was the case.   Nevertheless the sports went ahead on the Saturday and the Edinburgh Evening News reported as follows on that day’s procedings up to their ‘going to print’ time.

However, the ‘Scottish Referee’ on the following Monday followed the theme of the article on the Frida (above).

There was no team contest despite nine schools contesting the meeting.   That was certainly a step back.   The Edinburgh Evening News followed this up on the Monday with the following comment.

Make what you will of that but Fettes does not emerge well, nor do the other private schools who decided to boycott the meeting.   We know that the inter-scholastics were still doing well in the SAAA half centenary in 1933.   What made the change?    Meanwhile, the results in full were only printed by the ‘Glasgow Herald’.

There being no team winners, the individual winners are noted below.


100 Yards L Crombie Glasgow High School 11.6 seconds
440 Yards D Seath Dundee High School 59.4 seconds
One Mile W Hislop George Heriot’s School 5 min 12 sec
120 Yards Hurdles N Mackay Allan Glen’s High School 18.4
High Jump N Mackay

J Bryce

Allan Glen’s High School

George Heriot’s School

5′ 1″
Broad Jump W Brown Glasgow High School 18′ 3″
Throwing the Cricket Ball A Smith Glasgow High School 89 Yards 0 Feet 01 Inch
Putting the Weight T Hotchkiss Glasgow High School 30′ 1 1/2″


100 Yards I Douglas George Heriot’s School 12 seconds
880 Yards G Mc Gillivray Glasgow High School 2 min 29.6 sec
120 Yards Hurdles JC Rennie Allan Glen’s High School 20.2 seconds
High Jump W Mackay Allan Glen’s High School 4′ 8″
Broad Jump J Morrison Stewart’s College 17′ 6″


100 Yards I Stewart Stewart’s College 13.4 seconds
300 Yards G Irvine Bellahouston Academy 42.4 seconds
High Jump J Lang Allan Glen’s High School 3′ 11″
Broad Jump J Lang Allan Glen’s High School 15′ 4″*

There were six schools represented on the winner’s rostrum including Allan Glen’s High School, Bellahouston Academy, Dundee High School, George Heriot’s School, Glasgow High School and Stewart’s College: three from Glasgow, two from Edinburgh and one from Dundee.