A Famous Club by A Ross Scott

The photographs and the article by A Ross Scott on this page were discovered by Hamish Telfer in The Athletic Field and Swimming World, 30th April, 1910, p269.   The pictures are among the earliest available of Scottish athletics clubs and Ross Scott was one of the timekeepers at the London Olympics and officiated at the Halswell race fiasco.   His watch is on display in the Sports Village in Aberdeen.   

This last is a very interesting picture indeed – note the men wearing the sashes – the pack leader, the ‘pace’, wore the green sash and the pack whip the red sash.   A ‘muster run’ usually meant a joint run with several other clubs, usually at the start of the cross-country season and this might be the case here – there is also the possibility of course that it is simply a joint run of all the club’s sections given the date and how few clubs there were active at that time.

Thanks, Hamish.