The Scottish Referee: The Adverts

.Like all publications, whether the ‘Scottish Referee’, the ‘Glasgow Herald’ or even Facebook, money from advertising is necessary to keep the provider going.   What is a popular product for one generation, is unnecessary, or even risible, to another.   The first one below is for a problem that still besets active, outdoor sports people.   We will add to the page as we pick up on interesting adverts.

Of course sports kit is always in demand and you would expect ads like that in the Referee.   This first is for McNeil’s – they were bth founrder members of the Rangers and of Clydesdale Harriers.

Talking of products that one would not expect to see in publications in the 21st century, this one might fall into that category.

There was another ad for sports gear above – it only took a few lines but the same firm took out a much longer ad in a later edition of the paper and it is here in three chunks, so big was it.


Bell’s was a long advert – this is part 1

Part 2

and part three!

House Shoes – slippers?   But have a look at the suppliers other offerings!

Interesting juxtaposition of goods for a sports paper