The Scottish Referee: Portrait Gallery 1

The ‘Portrait Gallery’ feature was one of the most popular aspects of the paper with a line drawing and short (about 4 column inches) about the individual concerned.   Some of the drawings from the first few months of the paper are here. are posted on this page.

19th November, 1888


Crerar was a top class sprinter who also ran some very good half mile races.   A good football player he was on the committee of Third Lanark FC and also President of the SFA.

17th December, 1888

31 December 1888

7th January 1889

14th January, 1889

21st January, 1889

The first three weeks of February 1889 had groups of drawings of international teams and a series of drawings of the SFA Committee members.


.25th February, 1889 – also a member of Clyde FC

4th March 1889

11th March 1889