The Scottish Referee Gallery: The Runners

Having given a series of the first twelve portraits which were mainly football (although some were very good athletes (Crerar) we will now concentrate on the athletes who were profiled starting with AG Colquhoun of Clydesdale Harriers, who was always called AG – even in club handbooks!   14 drawings here – two Rangers players, two from Celtic, several from Clydesdale Harriers and others but all were athletes, and all were runners.

April 89


12th August 1889

July, 1889

19th August, 1889

Although mainlky a football player, he was also a half-miler of note 

30th December, 1889

(Clydesdale Harriers and West of Scotland Harriers)

24th February, 1890

Although he is here as QPFC, Brown was also a prominent member of West of Scotland Harriers and of the SAAA

9th June 1890

16th June 1890

Another who was an excellent athlete – his speciality was the sprint hurdles

7th July 1890

14th July 90

A top class hurdler (SAAA Champion) and sprinter

28th July, 189

Mitchell was a top class 440/880 runner who was one of those battling to be first Scot under 2 minutes along with Walter Malcolm of Morton.

11th August 1890

25th August 1890

1st September 1890

Another very good athlete – and another sprinter from the Rangers FC