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1883 – 1932

Prior to 1883 amateur athletic meetings with “Championship” events included in the sports programme were promoted by local bodies, eg “West of Scotland Amateur Athletic Association”, etc   Complete details of such meetings are not now available.   The tabulated results given in the following pages begin with the first Championship Meeting promoted by the Scottish Amateur Athletic Association in 1883.

It will be observed in many instances that third placings are not given.   Officially only the first two placings are recorded in all Championship events, but an endeavour has been made, wherever possible by means of research among Annual Reports of the SAAA, contemporary Press reports and annotated sports programmes to make the tabulations as complete as possible.

Up to the year 1892 the best Championship performance recorded in each event is that over  the period 1883 – 1892.

Wherever appropriate, footnotes have been appended relating to records.    A particular record printed in small capitals indicates that the performance has been  subsequently bettered.   The use of Clarendon type means that the record still stands at the date of publication.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the following data, errors may have occurred.   The Editors therefore claim the indulgence of their readers, and will be grateful for any corrections where such may appear necessary.

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