Inter-Scholastics 1917

The War continued and the exigencies felt by the population were biting but children had to be educated, schools had to continue to cater for their pupils physical needs as well as their intellectual.   The inter-scholastics continued to be held and sponsored by the SAAA.   Held on 19th May in 1917, the sports were held at Inverleith with a decent sized crowd, if the ‘Scotsman’s’ brief report can be believed.   Their short description of the afternoon’s athletics is below.

The growing attraction of the event is seen, even in this short piece, when we note that the Vale of Leven Academy (geographically not far from Dumbarton Academy which had been involved for several years) was taking part.   There was much more about the meeting and in the way of results in the ‘Glasgow Herald’ which begins with some philosophical thoughts.

The number of schools mentioned in the prize lists above is six but there were actually thirteen schools involved – one of the highest totals since 1890.

The brief list of winners and their schools is here.


100 Yards JB Bell Dumbarton Academy 11.0 seconds
440 Yards EW Cormack Watson’s College 58.2 seconds
One Mile EW Cormack Watson’s College 5:02.2
120 Yards Hurdles D McPhee Allan Glen’s High School 19.4 seconds
High Jump D McPhee Allan Glen’s High School 5′   2 3/4″
Broad Jump JB Bell Dumbarton Academy 18′  6 1/2″
Throwing the Cricket Ball JB Bell Dumbarton Academy 85 Yards 0 Feet 9 Inches
Putting the Weight A Gillies Watson’s College 30′ 6″


100 Yards  RS Forrest Watson’s College 11.8 seconds
880 Yards RS Forrest Watson’s College 2:30.6
120 Yards Hurdles LJ Dunn Watson’s College 16.8 Seconds  *
High Jump JD Watson Watson’s College 4′  10 1/2″
Broad Jump JD Watson Watson’s College 17′ 11″


100 Yards R Savage Watson’s College 12.8 seconds
300 Yards R Savage Watson’s College 42.8 seconds
High Jump A Orr Trinity Academy 4′  1 3/4″
Broad Jump J Rankeillor Trinity Academy 14′ 10″

No doubt there about the school with most winners, Watson’s with 10 firsts topped that table, Dumbarton had three and Trinity, and Allan Glen’s had two apiece.   As noted above. Bell of Dumbarton had a range of talents that included sprinting and field events.