Inter-Scholastics: 1916

There was no doubt about the number of establishments contesting the 1916 inter-scholastics – the ‘Glasgow Herald’ told us it was eleven, and even named them.   From Glasgow there were Allan Glen’s, Bellahouston Academy, Hutchesons Grammar,  with other schools from the west being Ayr Academy and Dumbarton Academy; from Edinburgh there came Edinburgh Institution, George Heriots School, Royal High School, Stewart’s College and Watson’s College with Kirkcaldy High being the only other school from the East.   Maybe the Edinburgh venue for the event on 20th May was part of the reason but regardless the number, for such an event to be held in wartime, was gratifying.

The view from Edinburgh as reported in the ‘Scotsman’ was slightly different, pointing out the return to the festivities of Watson’s college, and read 

The winners are summarised with their schools in these tables.


100 Yards JM Reid Allan Glen’s High School 11.2 seconds
440 Yards AR Stark Watson’s College 56.6 seconds
One Mile EW Cormack Watson’s College 5:06
120 Yards Hurdles F Stewart Watson’s College 16.8 seconds
High Jump GE Govan Royal High School 5′ 3″
Broad Jump GE Govan Royal High School 20′ 7 1/2″
Throwing the Cricket Ball G Main Watson’s College 89  Yards 0 feet  3 inches
Putting the Weight J Nicholl Watson’s College 28′ 9 1/2″


100 Yards JB Bell Dumbarton Academy 11.4 seconds
880 Yards W Watson Royal High School 2:20.6
120 Yards Hurdles JB Bell Dumbarton Academy 20 seconds
High Jump J Watson Watson’s College 5′ 0″
Broad Jump JB Bell Dumbarton Academy 18′ 2″


100 Yards J Gibson Ayr Academy 12.8 seconds
300 Yards E McLaren Royal High School 43 seconds
High Jump G Somerville

E McLaren

J Barr


George Heriot’s High School

Royal High School

Hutchesons Grammar School


4′  01″
Broad Jump. E McLaren Royal High School 15′ 0 1/2″

Some of the athletes who had been competing in these events matured into SAAA champions and internationalists.  eg JB Bell of Dumbarton Academy who who in 1919 was 1st  in 220 yards and also in 440 yards; in 1920 he was  2nd  in the 440 yards;  and in 1921,  3rd 220 yards, 2nd 440 yards.   That is one athlete from the 1916 athletics season.   

The War continued, coverage was extensive and there were lists of casualties on land (mainly) sea and in the air.