Rangers Sports: August 1958

The Rangers Sports were traditionally held on the first Saturday in August and lasted from the 1880’s until 1962.   They were far and away the biggest sports in the land and one of the biggest in Britain.   They have been written of elsewhere on the site but we have just received copies of the complete programmes for the 1958 and 1960 meetings from Chris Holloway and ill put them on site.   This is the programme for the meeting in 1958.   There is a lot of items of interest in it – of course if you were old enough to remember the meeting, or better still to take part in it, you can wallow in the nostalgia of it all.   The officials are listed on page two with lots of good ex-athletes (Tom Riddell, George Dallas, Dunky Wright), the two handicappers Nangle and McNeillie, the great Fred Evans, starter extra-ordinaire, legendary names like Fred Graham and Willie Armour ….    The rules for the 5-a-side tournament are listed and make for interesting reading, then there are the international athletes from Europe, Africa and the Americas racing against our own Alan Dunbar, Graham Everett, Bert McKay, Andy Brown and the rest.   And rubbing shoulders with them all the club runners entered in the open races – some winning prizes but all gaining inspiration.   Take your time and see them all – TP O’Reilly, Danny Wilmoth, George Rodger, Bill Purdie, Jack Brown, Ewan Murray, John Young, Eddie Sinclair ….