Inter-Scholastics 1924

JFA Wood, Stewart’s College, winning the quarter-mile at the 1924 Inter-Scholastic Sports

The numbers continued to rise and in May, 1924, at Inverleith in Edinburgh there were 33 schools contesting the events with well over 400 pupils showing off their skills although the crowd could have been bigger.   Among the newcomers were Kelvinside Academy, Dundee Harris Academy, Hamilton Academy, Alloa Academy, St Mungo’s, Coatbridge and Hyndland High Schools.

The meeting started at 2:30 pm and entry fee was £1, the stand being double that and boys and girls half price.   The purchasing power of the £1 in 1924 would be £50 in 2023.     That maybe goes some way to explaining the disappointing attendance.   The report on the event in the ‘Edinburgh Evening News’ began as follows.

“Though there was only one record broken at the inter-scholastics at Inverleith, there were some performances which must rank among the best ever seen at this meeting.   It is safe to say that no one will ever run a race like JFA Wood did in the quarter-mile and not break a record.   From an Edinburgh point of view his success in this race was the most gratifying of the day, for he was disappointing in other events in which he was expected to shine.   Despite the fact that the number of entries for the quarter-mile warranted the race being run in heats, it was decided to start some 20 runners at once and get the event over.   As in former years the limited accommodation of the track was much in evidence and someone had to suffer.   Wood’s position was a most unenviable one and for him to win the race seemed an impossible task.   Three times he tried to burst through and three times he failed.   When at last he did manoeuvre into position he was yards behind Piggott of Bellahouston Academy who was leading.   Wood however put in a great finish and got home by the narrowest of margins.   His success was a most popular one and but for his unfortunate experience he would probably have beaten A McKay’s 1923 record of 54 1/5th seconds.   As it was Wood was only 2 seconds out.   His exertions here prevented him turning out in the high jump.

“It was interesting to note the way in which some of the fancied candidates were beaten by the ‘dark horses’.    A McLean, Dunfermline High School, upset calculations in the sprint, by beating C Harrison, Eastbank Academy, in a fast final.   The Dunfermline boy is a fine runner capable of good finishes.   Wood, the Stewart’s champion had to be satisfied with third place. “

The report concluded with a report on the record breaker.   “It was left to D Honeyman, Dunfermline High School, to set up the only new record.   In the 300 yards Under 14 he covered the distance in 38 1/5th thus beating A McGeorge’s 1919 record of 39 seconds.   Honeyman also won the 100 yards and was the outstanding boy in his class.   In the Under 16 events, WG Wylie, Hutchesons Grammar School, caught the eye in the sprint and should be heard of again though the standard in this class has often been better.   

“As a result of the Sports, Stewart’s carried off the honours with four firsts and two seconds, while Heriot’s had three firsts and two seconds.   Dunfermline High School also did exceptionally well having three firsts and winning both relay races.”

Results from the ‘Scotsman’ of May 19th, 1924.

Summary of winners:-

Open Events

100 Yards A McLean Dunfermline High School 10.8 seconds
440 Yards JFA Wood Stewart’s College 56.2 seconds
One Mile J Drummond George Heriot’s 4 min 58.2 sec
120 Yards Hurdles JFA Wood Stewart’s College 17 seconds
High Jump R Munn Kilmarnock Academy 5′  0″
Broad Jump JFA Wood Stewart’s College 20′  8 1/2″
Throwing the Javelin A Johnstone Rothesay Academy 86 yards 1 foor 8 inches
Putting the Weight P Ewan George Heriot’s 35′ 8″
Relay Dunfermline High School 1408 Yards 3 min 09 sec

Under 16

100 Yards WG Wylie Hutcheson’s Grammar School 11.4 seconds
880 Yards GK Cumming Morrison’s Academy 2 min 18.8 sec
120 Yards Hurdles M Robson George Heriot’s 19.4 seconds
High Jump A Ness

J Gillespie

M Robson

Bell Baxter School

Rothesay Academy

George Heriot’s

4′ 10″
Broad Jump R Carvolth

C Brown

Hutcheson GS

Dollar Academy


Under 14

100 Yards D Honeyman Dunfermline High School 12.4 seconds
300 Yards D Honeyman Dunfermline High School 38.2 seconds *
High Jump J Millar

M Stewart

Waid Academy

Alloa Academy

4′ 4″
Broad Jump G Kerr Stewart’s College 15′ 5″
Relay Dunfermline High School 704 yards 1 min 32.4 sec

11 schools provided event winners, there were 19 schools listed in the more detailed results above, and the Dunfermline High School seemed to have a conveyor belt of sprinters – 1100 yards and relay in the Open category, 100 and 300 yards plus relay for the Under 13’s.