Inter Scholastics 1912

The 1912 championships were held on 18th May in Stewart’s College fields in Edinburgh – and the number of competing schools was down to eight.   A disappointment after the 14 of the previous year.   Allan Glen’s, Ayr Academy, Bellahouston Academy, Edinburgh Institution, George Heriots, Royal High School, Rothesay Academy and Stewart’s College were the participants.  There was also a change in the age groups in 1912 with the Under 13 age group now being the Under 14 age group.  The ‘Scottish Referee’ had a number of articles, paragraphs, etc, on the event including a straight account of the results.

There had been many very good athletes taking part over the years and none were written up as the Stewart’s athlete R Cruickshank was. 

The above is from the  justly proud ‘Grantown Supplement’ 0f  20th May. 1912 but even more space is given of the athlete’s performances and ability.

The Edinburgh papers of the time clearly served their readers well and the Edinburgh Evening News too leapt on the Cruickshank bandwagon.  

A good meeting with excellent performances but a fair drop from the previous year’s participants leaving us with the question of where would next year’s venture take us?   

Meanwhile the individual winners  are noted here.


100 Yards RA Cruickshank Stewart’s College 10.4 seconds *
440 Yards JM Davie Stewart’s College 56 seconds
One Mile DA Miller Ayr Academy 5 min 12 seconds
120 Yards Hurdles R Broadwood George Heriot’s School 18.2 seconds
High Jump RA Cruickshank

A McIntosh

Stewart’s College

Royal High School

5′ 1 1/4″
Broad Jump RA Cruickshank Stewart’s College 20′ 7″
Throwing the Cricket Ball RA Cruickshank Stewart’s College 104 Yards 2 Feet 7 Inches
Putting the Weight WA Morrison George Heriot’s 30′ 6 1/2″


100 Yards JK Murray Ayr Academy 10.8 * seconds
880 Yards I Robertson Edinburgh Institution 2 min 16.8 sec
120 Yards Hurdles JG Black Royal High School 20.4 seconds
High Jump M Edelman

GS Campbell

Royal High School

Stewart’s College

4′ 10 1/4″
Broad Jump R Gardner George Heriots 18′ 2″


100 Yards R Baird Allan Glen’s High School 12.0 seconds
300 Yards R Baird Allan Glen’s High School 43.4 seconds
High Jump G Govan Royal High School 4′ 3″
Broad Jump A Bryden Allan Glen’s High School 15′ 4″

Lots of good performances there but how did the schools do?    The home team, Stewart’s, had six,  Royal High had four  Allan Glen’s had three, Heriot’s had three, Ayr had two.