Inter-Scholastics: 1876

We will end the coverage of the event for now with the correspondence in ‘The Scotsman’ about it which was started in the paper of 13th April, 1876 with this letter by M.I. which casts doubt on whether the event ought to be continued.

There was an almost instant response from various interested parties.


Of course there had to be a response from M.I.  (or was it M.J.?) – 

In the course of all this, the Head at Loretto had to correct a few mis-statements –

Given that he referred to the ‘late’ inter scholastic games, it would seem that they had ceased to exist!  Loretto off their own bat appeared to be trying to do something about the situation.   But it would seem that there would be a hiatus and that is where we will leave the Games – for now at least.