Inter Scholastics: 1871 – 1876

The inter scholastics were held in the first week in April in 1871 at Raeburn Place as usual with a handful of Edinburgh private schools taking part.   What follows is the ‘Scotsman’ report.

It will be noted that the heading on the report is of the Edinburgh Inter-Scholastic Games – there was no notion of of a national or even county Inter Scholastic competition and only four establishments were involved.  

Unfortunately for 1872 there was no ‘Scotsman’ available for April but we can go on to 1873 when we were more fortunate.   The report that year was in the  ‘Scotsman’ of 21st April and is a much longer account than the 1871 Games was in evidence.   It tells us that five schools took part and that Trinity College, Glenalmond was competing for the first time.   Note too that the reporter refers to the participants as ‘public schools’ which is now thought of as a reference to the English private school system. 


For 1874, there was a dearth of ‘Scotsman’s to consult online, similarly in 1875 but 1876 was a different matter.   There is a whole correspondence, maybe verging on the acrimonious, on the event which is on the next post which can be reached at   this link .