Campsie HG Programme

After the Campsie Highland Games page was uploaded John MacKay of Shettleston Harriers told us that he had a copy of the programme for the Games of 1946.   Unfortunately the Shettleston Harriers names had been highlighted but no matter.  It is possibly the only copy of the programme extant.   Well worth a good look.   Apart from any international stars in the pages, a look at the open events will show names like George McDonald (SAAA Sprint Champion), Ian Panton (SAAA 440 champion), Frank Sinclair (SAAA Mile champion and cross-country internationalist), Allan Watt (international sprinter) and many more.   Even among the officials were Willie Maley, WS Lawn, George Dallas and Duncan McSwein.   Have a good look.   Look also at the number of competitors from the local St Machan’s!