Summit: Summer 2018

Jim and Carol’s athletes at Summit High School are back in action for the summer season: first results are for the Madras meet which he says were held in a very cold 37 degrees F, ie just under 3 degrees Celsius.   Anyway, the result was a clear victory for Summit in both men’s and women’s groups.   They won the Men’s by 111 points to 34, and the women’s by 142 points to 2.   Which is the story of the meet: eg in the men’s 100m they had eight of the first ten finishers and in the women’s, there were also eight of the first ten, including the first four.   In the 1500m, they had seven of the first ten men, including the first four, and the women had the first five of the nine competitors.    One could call it a promising start to the season.

The second meet was against rivals Bend HS and it was a wee bit warmer – around 50 degrees and the result was a mixed one.   In the Varsity age group, Summit won both competitions, 104 to 41 for the Men and 97 to 48 for the women.   In the (younger) Junior Varsity Group Bend was victorious winning by 124 to 108 in the men’s and 106 to 103 in the women’s. 

Two meets then off on a spring break – Jim says most go to Hawaii where it’s a wee bit warmer at this time of year.