Sports Miscellany: 27th May 1912

The Irish Amateur Championships will be decided at Ball’s Bridge, Dublin, today, and some outstanding performances are expected, as in view of the Olympic Games several of Ireland’s leading amateurs have been assiduously employed in perfecting their form.   The Championships tomorrow are to be regarded as Ireland’s trials for Olympic purposes and that fact endows the meeting with special significance.   Whit Monday is almost universally given up to athletic functions in England, and several Scottish runners have gone South to try their luck.

We understand D Macmillan, the crack Cambridge University sprinter, is coming North for the Scottish championships in June, and as he will be accompanied by HM Macintosh, the old Glenalmond boy who is regarded as “the find of the season” there should be such a display of sprinting as is rarely seen at a meeting in Glasgow.   Macmillan is such  resourceful and powerful sprinter that it is just possible that he may win three events – the 100 yards, 220 yards and 440 yards – in which case his name will  be bracketed in history with AR Downer who had the distinction of winning these races in one day.

GC Wallach of Glenpark Harriers and JD Murphy of Edinburgh Harriers are among those whom the National Cross-Country Committee have chosen to represent Britain in the cross-country races at Stockholm.   The team is as follows and the names are in the order of merit:-

W Scott  …..Salford Harriers

FN Hibbins ….. Thrapston Harriers

GC Wallach ….. Glenpark Harriers

F O’Neill ….. Connaught Rangers

E Glover ….. Hallamshire Harriers

SC Greenway ….. Banbury Harriers

WJ Tasker ….. Reading Athletic Club

J Murphy ….. Hallamshire Harriers

FC Neaves ….. Surrey Athletic Club

C Vose ….. Warrington Harriers

J Hughes ….. Dundalk Athletic Club

JM Broad ….. Durham City Harriers

JD Hughes ….. Edinburgh Harriers

B Holbrook ….. Warrington Athletic Club

R Stanton ….. Birchfield Harriers

The conference of athletic bodies held last week at Manchester last week to consider the arrangements for the Olympic Games or, to be more ccurate, to bring under critical review the athletic wealth of Great Britain, was a very harmonious affair, Scotland being represented by Mr T Jack, president of the SAAA; Mr Walter Crichton, vice-president; and Mr DS Duncan, hon secretary.   The list of names published in Friday’s “Herald” is provisional , and therefore subject to revision.   Much may happen between this and the English Championships.   Athletes now in the perfection of form or nearly so, may fall off , while others may improve as the crucial period for final choices draws near.   It has been decided to send a team of 70, though possibly when the time comes for making a final selection that number may even be reduced.   The Scottish representatives are:- RC Duncan (West of Scotland Harriers), J Soutter (Aberdeen University AC), R Burton (Berwick Harriers), WM Crabbie (Edinburgh Academicals), T Jack (Edinburgh Southern Harriers), Dr Campbell (Edinburgh University AC) and TR Nicolson (West of Scotland Harriers); and the Anglo-Scots are:- D McMillan (Cambridge University AC), HM Macintosh (Cambridge University AC), FG Black (Cambridge University AC), GRL Anderson (Oxford University AC), DF McNicol ( Polytechnic and West of Scotland Harriers) and GCL Wallach (Bolton and Glenpark Harriers).

Glasgow University are holding their annual sports at Anniesland tomorrow afternoon, and the first and second in each event will represent their Alma Mater in the inter-Varsity Games, which take place at St Andrews this season.   Of those who will figure in tomorrow’s sports JB Sweet, the old High School boy, is confidently expected to win honours in the 100 and 220 yards, while George Findlay and T Barrie Erskine, both Clydesdale Harriers running under their Varsity colours, are strong favourites for the distance events.     Neil McLeod and J Warren should do well in the middle distances, if a chill caught during training practice does not prevent the latter from entering, and there is the possibility of seeing Ralph Erskine, the amateur lightweight boxing champion trying his luck at the high jump.   Although the organised systematic training which goes to the making of an efficient athletic team is quite lacking at our university, a good afternoon’s sport, thanks to a few enthusiasts is assured, and at the inter-Varsity Sports by individual efforts a few trophies may fall to Glasgow.   Edinburgh University will bring off its ‘trials’ at Craiglockhart on Saturday and there will be the usual keen competition for the Rosebery Cup, to possess which, even for the limited period of 12 months, is the ambition of every athlete at the metropolitan Varsity.   It is said that there is less outstanding talent at Edinburgh University than there has been for several years but the odd thing is that while we hear the same ‘tale’ every year the Eastern star is very much in the ascendant on the day of the inter-Varsity Sports.