Royal High School: 7th April 1866

Royal High School

We start with the report on the procedings which, although held on a rather unpleasant day which turned to rain later on, was well attended and even after some of the fashionable ladies and their escorts left when the rain came on there were ‘several hundreds’ of spectators.   The ground had been decorated for the occasion and details are included in the ‘Scotsman’ report.

Despite the weather and the ‘treacherous springing ground’, the sports went off well:

25 events distributed between Past pupils, present pupils and jumping for height with a category for pupils under 5 feet tall.   The Lord Provost was present with a Baillie there too.   The boys should have been well prepared for the inter-schools competition at the end of the month – but not all the events for the latter were on the programme for the Royal High School’s confined sports.