More Photographs, Mainly Elliott and Cerutty

Like many runners of whatever generation, Hugh had his heroes – in this case he and I agree that Herb Elliott was top of the list.   Any list, any time, Herb was The Man.   His coach Percy Cerutty was/is a legendary figure.   The picture below needs no caption.  Herb watches as Perce works on the bar.

WHB Cerutty Elliott (2)

All coaches have their wee sayings to motivate their athletes: don’t know how some of today’s athletes would take this challenge!

WHB Cerutty saying

Percy conducts a ‘warm up’ wrestling match!

WHB Cerutty wrestling

Coach and athlete enjoying each other’s company.

WHB Cerutty Elliott

Lennart Strand with Herb Elliott and Percy Cerutty.

WHB Elliot Strand Certy

A remarkable photograph: the six athletes pictured set 50 world records and won 19 Olympic medals between them.

Standing:   Paavo Nurmi, 16 world records and 9 Olympic medals; Hannes Kolehmainen 6 and 5; Ron Clarke 19 and 1; Marcel Hansenne 1 and 1; Laurie Lehtinen 2 and 2; Robert Pariente (journalist).

In front: Robert Bodin – Jazy’s coach, Michel Jazy 6 and 1.

WHB Olympians