Inter-Scholastics 1866-1870: 1868

In an interesting introduction to the coverage of the report, the writer says that they were set up in imitation of the Oxbridge inter-university sports.  That’s the first time that has been mentioned.   What, if anything, does that tell us of the self perception of the schools’ management at the time?   As in the first two meetings, there were the five schools taking part and the event took place at Raeburn Place.  The report is from the ‘Scotsman’   .

Apart from Lord Ardmillan’s rousing speech with its “one word” of advice which runs to ten lines, that the meeting went on until 7:00 pm is a testament to the hardiness of the spectators, or maybe to the determination of mothers and fathers to see their progeny in action.   The programme had flat racing, hurdles racing, high jump, long jump, pole vault and throwing the cricket ball.