Sports Miscellany: 24th June, 1912

HM Macintosh, the runner-up in the SAAA 100 yards championship will be able to make the journey to Sweden but cannot assist Scotland against Ireland at Powderhall Grounds, Edinburgh, on July 20th.

T Jack, President of the SAAA who has run and won his last championship, cannot get to Stockholm for the Olympic Games.   The British team will be all the poorer for the absence of one of the most genuine amateurs who has ever adorned the cinder track

When in Glasgow DF McNicol, the SAAA Mile champion, indicated that owing to business reasons, he would probably withdraw from the Olympic team, and CFR Ruffell of Highgate Harriers may also for similar reasons decline the invitation of the AAA.   Both are outstanding runners, and the British team will be all the poorer should they not be able to go to Stockholm.

Scotland’s reserves for the match against Ireland at Powderhall next month have now received the publicity they deserve.   George Dallas, Maryhill Harriers, will run in the quarter in the event of his services being required.   Eric Macdougall, West of Scotland Harriers, and Nicol Whitlie, Edinburgh Southern  Harriers, are the half mile reserves, WM CRabbie, Edinburgh Academicals, the mile; JC Thomson Edinburgh Harriers and Harry Hughes, West of Scotland Hariers, the three miles.

The relay race at the London Athletic Club this evening over eight furlongs should be one of the best ever seen in this country.   The LAC will select their men from Messrs Stewart, Haley, Skeet, McMillan, Seedhouse, AE Anderson, Russell, Brown, Lilly, Gunton and  Palmer – all well-known South of England runners.   Skeet is at one of the London hospitals and some idea of his pace will be gained when we mention that in a 220 yards race some ten days ago he beat WA Stewart, the Scottish sprint and furlong champion.   Skeet I an Australian but for some regrettable reason has not been asked to represent the Commonwealth nation at the Olympic Games.

Hamilton Academicals are on Saturday reviving what was one of the best amateur meetings in the Western District.   That was when WW Tait, TG McConnell and others of pleasant memory were ornaments of the track, and if we mistake not, Mr DS Duncan who has acted so long and with such acceptance as honorary secretary of the Scottish Amateur Athletic Association, has one of the best miles standing to his credit under the auspices of the Hamilton Academicals.   At all events there are interesting recollections in connection with amateur athletics at Hamilton, and the Academicals are to be congratulated on reviving the function.   The arrangements are in the hands of Mr Thomas Moore who is well up in sports managements, from which point of view as well as others, the meeting on Saturday will be all that the most fastidious could wish.    There being no counter attractions of a similar kind in the Western District, all the best runners will be competing.

The Glasgow Police Sports is one of the sporting institutions of the city.   They have a long and honourable tradition and there is no one in the whole force who does more to add to the prestige of the gathering than Lieutenant Mennie of the Northern.   He has held the convenership for a long number of years, more than he now cares to admit, and there is always something fresh in his arrangements.   Much has been written about dropping the field events for all comers, but the step, we are assured was not taken without the most careful consideration.    Professional heavy men will no doubt feel the loss of these events but they may be revived next year.   The fact is, there is a growing feeling within the force that, if it were possible, it would be better in every way if the meeting were run under SAAA Rules.   There have been informed discussions on the subject by leading gentlemen of both sides – the SAAA and Police Athletic Club – but the obstacles are formidable, and prejudices so strong that in the meantime no forward step can be taken.

The Territorial Championships are to be held at the Marine Gardens on Saturday.   These should appeal to the Edinburgh imagination where volunteering has always been popular.   The London Scottish, now known as the 14th Battalion, won the London championship a few days ago with 23 points, the 12th Battalion being second with 17 and the 28th Battalion third with 12.   There are a number of good athletes in the London Scottish, one of the best being RFC York who won the mile as he liked in 4 min 36 2-5th sec York is a member of the London Athletics Club and he takes part regularly in open meetings, and if he comes North this week, as he is almost certain to, both T Jack and WM Crabbie, if they are again running, will not have matters all their own way.   It was at one of the Territorial functions that Crabbie formed a taste for open athletics, and the fact that he was provisionally chosen for the Olympic Games and is now reserve for the mile in the match Scotland  v  Ireland , would seem to indicate that his powers are held in high esteem by officials in the East of Scotland.   The twelve miles go-as-you-please in marching order , will most likely again end in a struggle between the “Greys” of London, and the “Greys” of Glasgow for first honours, with a preference for the former, who the other day broke their own record.   They would seem to be invincible at this form of athletic exercise and there would be no small excitement, even in Edinburgh, were the old 1st Lanark who have been training most assiduously, to break the continuity of triumph which has attended the London Scottish since marching of this kind was introduced into the Territorial Army.   The “team” at Parkhead on Tuesday were not particularly brilliant, but placing the results alongside the London Territorials, Glasgow should pick up a number of points, while Edinburgh, which has a strong University corps, including DS Campbell and others, may be trusted to guard the interests of the Scottish capital.