A Cowal Programme

Cowal was a two day meeting.   There was a session on the Friday evening and the main part of the meeting was on the Saturday.   Several of the same events – 100, 800, 1500 – were on both days and with the same handicaps which made the meeting doubly attractive.   The prizes were quite good, expenses were always paid for invitation events and there was an excellent Tea Tent.   The programme started with the usual information – officials, track layout and so on.  

The events on the Friday night were fewer in number but no less talented in the performers.   Look at these pages.


Look at the fields, count the runners with a GB vest in their bottom drawer at home.   And this talent level was replicated in the Throws, the Wrestling, the piping and all the other traditional events    Came the Saturday and there were the invitation events, the relays and the team events to be added to this galaxy.


This was of course an extract from the programme of 84 pages, crammed with information and advertisements.   The ground was just as packed with spectators, for many oof whom the big attraction was the march of 1000 pipers when the bands all poured over the hill down and round the track at the end of the afternoon.   Results below.